Who I am ?

As a young and dynamic scientist with an expertise in membrane protein structural analysis with a long-standing desire to progress and develop approaches into multidisciplinary areas I do not fit the typical mold often seen in post-doctoral candidates. I strive to develop novel techniques and test the boundaries of science with new ideas outside of the traditional canonical strategies employed in biochemical and structural research groups. I am always on the lookout for innovative methods or technology that could be suitable for my projects and improve science.

Electronics & Life science

I recently discovered the world of electronics and more especially microcontrollers and their potential applications to biology. Microcontrollers are single integrated circuits associated to a electronic board which is considered as "a small computer" able to receive, treat and generate signals.

My primary goal is to develop inexpensive devices based on Arduino board which I can use for my research. Indeed, devices dedicated for life science research are generally very expensive, even for a simple machine. Most of the time, the required prices are not entirely justified. Unfortunatly, this reality could have at some point an impact on the research quality and more especially for a small lab with a non-extensible budget.

I am currently working on a project to build a standard and cheap fluorescent detector using two specific wavelenghts which can be coupled to any FPLC (Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography) system with a graphic interface controled by computer.

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